Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Am I Wrong?

Okay so let me tell you the story and I want you to tell me if im wrong...

Me and Ericka have been friends for a really long time then she got stationed on the nimitz and they relocated to i haven't seen her in 3 YEARS! so when I found out that she was going to be here for a few days I was so excited to hang out with her again and just reconnect.  So here we go

Day 1: Thursday. Went to pick her up at the ship...waited for 2 HOURS after the time she said she was gonna be ready and it turns out that her boyfriend Josh didn't want her to leave so she sat with him on the ship for a while even though she knew i was waiting and had been for a while. Got over, hung out for a while then had to take her back to the ship by 11pm.

Day 2: Wednesday. Called me at 5pm to go get her so that we could go shopping go there and she was with Josh (first time meeting him)...he was supposed to go with his friends so that we could shop but instead decided he wanted to come with us, okay cool.  Get to Las Americas and after 3 stores he's ready to go. so we do.  Invited them to the padres game and his response was no we're not going i don't do baseball... whatever. We get in the car and she asked him what he wants to eat:
Ericka: do you want to sit down or grab something quick
Josh: no, don't want to sit just want to grab something
Me: well quincy is cooking right now, we can grab something then go to my house and eat
Ericka: YEA! do you want to eat at Misty's?
Josh: well i kinda wanted to sit down and eat...
Ericka: so what do you want to do? go back to the ship?
Josh: Yea
Me: so im taking you back
Ericka: yes
take them back at 8pm

at this point i already don't like him....

Day 3: Saturday i invite her over to watch the fight...she says "Well Josh isn't talking to me so if he still isn't talking to me later then yes" this same time she's waiting for a friend and is about to go downtown with him (not Josh) okay cool...time come for the fight she says well i don't want you to have to come get me so im just gonna hang out with Perry...

Day 4: Sunday day of Game.  If you remember she told me she wasn't gonna go to the game because Josh didn't want to go right? well day of game call her up and she's out downtown with some other friends (again not Josh) so at this point im thinking maybe its just me that she won't ditch josh for (getting a little butt hurt) either way I invite her and her friends over to the house for BBQ and she says cool then i don't hear or see her for that day.

Day 5: Monday. shes on duty
Day 6: Tuesday.  no call or text
Day 7: Today. She was supposed to go with me to Butts and Guts and spin...knew about it for a week now...and i get a voicemail saying "hey im with Malisa, don't know where we're going and don't know what time we're getting back so i'll text you later...hmmm

Am I wrong for feeling a little betrayed and asking her:  why is it that you will ditch Josh to hang out with everyone else but when I ask to hang out i get "if josh is still not talking me then yes"?

Friday, April 13, 2012

iPad giveaway 2012 (open)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trooper Snipes Killer from Helicopter |

Trooper Snipes Killer from Helicopter |

Having difficulty viewing this video so i posted it here to see if it would work

Friday, April 6, 2012


Today the MWR at work was having a bake sale and they had homemade chocolate, scrumdiliumtios brownies I couldn't resist..they are my weekness!!! It is now sitting next to my desk tempting me I can smell the chocolatey goodness...augh!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Candace Rose Giveaway!

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