Monday, May 28, 2012

Finally Clear :)

The pics are finally up! here is my skin from Jan to now!

Now the 1st couple of picture are pretty bad so you've been warned...
Day one went to Derm was prescribed Retin-A, Duac (benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin)gel, and Doxycyline(oral)
Day one OUCH!
Day one other side
Week 2 looks like its working huh?
Week 2 (right side)
Week 5 getting worse
Week 5 (right side)
Week 7 looking bad...AGAIN!

week 7 (right side)
Month 3 went back to Derm and got on new meds!
Retin-A, Clindamycin (oral), and Benzoyl Peroxide gel (topical) 
Week 13 noticing a difference

Week 13 right side
Week 14
week 14 right side
Present right side
no make up in this picture just benzoyl peroxide gel and lotion

LOVE that my scars are fading! Can't wait until the scars are completely gone! Since I've been on these new meds I have not had a single breakout totally loving these meds! OH almost forgot i've changed my face wash as well im using Boots Expert sensitive face wash, toner, and lotion... I love this stuff!

Back to the Nimitz I go!

A couple weeks ago I found out that i'm going back to the USS Nimitz come Aug! For those that don't know i was stationed on the Nimitz from '04-'06 with the hubster by my side as an Undesignated Seaman meaning I had no job title and no rank...
We got to experience out first deployment together in '05 since then i've been to sent to school in both Chicago for Naval Hospital Corps School

and Pensacola for Aviation Medicine School,
 worked at the hospital in Dermatology,

Stationed on the USS Peleliu (LHA5)...did a deployment with them in '10

...its funny how things have come a full circle bringing me back to where I first started the good ol' USS Nimitz (CVN68) only difference now is Quincy can't deploy with me and im going back as a HM2(SW/AW)...

Hospital Corpsman Second Class

      Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist

 I was a little hesitant at first just becuase it in Washington and I didn't want to leave San Diego but now as the days get closer i'm getting a little more excited!  This is after all why I joined the Navy to travel and see the world....  Time for new adventures with the hubster! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Skin Update!

Alright so most of you know that I have been struggling with finding the right face wash and medication for my skin...


for those that have followed along have seen everything i've tried ...finally i went to my dermatologist he have me so much stuff


worked for a little while then the acne came back, my faced burned, it was peeling like crazy, and  my stomach was so upset i was nauseous all day! So naturally I went back...he then gave me

Benzoyl Peroxide

this stuff so far has been AMAZING! no upset stomaches, rashes or irritaions on my face, or any type of crazy side effects...and my skin looks soooooooo much better!

I will provide pictures soon...just want to make sure this stuff is legit before I do


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There goes that...

For those that read my last blog, here's and update...

Still no word from my so called "BFF" haven't seen her or talked to her.  I guess her boyfriend comes first... For her sake I hope they last